Eva is a Russian snow owl and Kowalski's love interest in the 2014 film, Penguins of Madagascar.

She is a member on  Agent Classified's team.

Character information Edit

Like Kowalski, Eva is the intelligence and analysis of their team. She is able to battle the enemies after the Penguins, which instantly impresses Kowalski. He attempt to flirt with her most of the time he is seen with her. Eva returns the affection to Kowalski by kissing him on the beak before kissing around his face.

Relationships Edit

Kowalski Edit

Main article: Kowalski and Eva

At first, Eva doesn't return affections towards Kowalski. However, it is possible she had a crush on him the same time he did. She kisses him on the beak lips, thus she indicated she liked him back.

Team Edit

Eva and her team are more than just her team and her friends, they are also like a family, similar to Skipper and the other penguins. She is very caring towards Corporal, even calming him down after elarning Dave kidnapped all the other penguins.



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