The featured article is officially part of the TV show canon and is not canon to the movies' series of events.
"Gone in a Flash" is the first episode of the first series and was acting preview of the episode.

Summary Edit

Julien believes that Maurice disobeyed him so many times that the "sky spirits' put him in the "magic picture when in reality it is a  camera. After Mort's begging, the penguins go to rescue him, finding him in a junkyard and return him home.

Cast Edit

  • Tom McGrath as Skipper
  • John DiMaggio as Rico
  • Jeff Bennett as Kowalski
  • James Patrick Stuart as Private
  • Danny jacobs as King Julien
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Maurice/Tourist
  • Andy Richter as Mort
  • Conrad Vernon as Mason
  • Tara Strong as Teacher/Kid Walla