"I don't wanna be a penguin eating predator"
—to Julien
Hunter is a young Leopard seal who Private befriended after she saved his life and he returned the favor. To ensure her safety to Antarctica, Private hitched the ride with her (much to his family's horror) and they became friends over the course of the episode.

Appearances Edit

The Penguins of the Madagascar: Series 2 Edit

"Operation: Antarctica" Edit

Hunter nearly is killed from being caught in two men's net. Private later saves her, and takes her back home, but the other penguins get immediately worried and try to send Hunter away. At the end, Kowalski slings shots her, and accidentally shoots Private off as well.

Quotes Edit

"I love squid! It tastes like gummy sea food"
—Hunter to Kowalski[src]
"Not me, I am a strict fishetariean"
—Hunter to Private's friends
"I thought everybody was at The Feast."
—Hunter to Julien
"Shut up and hop in."
—Hunter to Private

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Private and hunterPOM

Hunter and Private in "Operation: Antarctica"

Hunter's best friend.  

She first meets him when Private saves her life and she saves his. However, both their families disapproved of their friendship.They however prove that even predator and prey can become best friends. He also supported her when she was cruely sent off on her own by Skipper, Kowalski and Rico.  

Trivia Edit

  • Hunter's voice also portrays Katie Knightly from the TV series, Big Time Rush
  • The way Private and Hunter become friends and show predator and prey can become best of friends, is simlar to Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde (rabbit and fox) from Disney‘s zootopia. (with gender switch of female predator and male prey.)