Marlene is a recurring character in the TV series. She is also the female lead in the series. Marlene hardly gets on either the penguins or the lemur's sides, generally staying neutral.She is still friends with the penguins no matter what though.

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"Otter Gone Wild" Edit

Marlene leaves the zoo for the first time and goes wild. She once tells her friends taht she can't leave the zoo walls because she is terrified at going outside for the first time. Skipper manazzges to tell her to overcome her fear. She also captures and later falls in love with Julien. The Penguins later trap her and bring her back to the zoo, bringing her back to normal.


Skipper goes to Marlene for help about being a girl.  This actually surprised Marlene, who found it hard to find out that Skipper was a girl. She tells Skipper that whatever it is he likes is whatever makes him a girl. At the end of the episode when it's learned the minus sign was an unfinished "plus."


Skipper Edit

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Marlene and Skipper are good friends shown throughout the series. He usually comes to think of her as a smart mammal and never calls her any nicknames. The reason Skipper si protective of her si because she is a female, but Marlene proves to be helpful on several occasions. While she is disguised as a rare arctic mink, Skipper is romantically attracted to her, but never figured out that Arlene was really Marlene in disguise.

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Badger pride

Marlene and Private in "Badger Pride"

(Friend, TV series)

Though not having a much screen time, Private and Marlene consider each other as close friends. They also help each other out throughout the entire series. One example was in "Badger Pride" when Marlene tries to help Private overcome his fears. Private also doesn't want her in danger either, as he comes to her rescue while saving her from the badgers Becky and Stacy , unintentionally releasing her into the wild. It is also revealed Private is only scared of her when she is outside the zoo.

Other Edit

  • Kowalski (friend)
  • Rico (friend, assisted him once in "Jungle Law"
  • Antonio (soulmate, never met)


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