Mason is one of the central characters of the Madagascar franchise and a recurring character in The Penguins of Madagascar.

Role in the Madagascar franchise Edit

Mason picks his and Phil's breakfast from their nearby trashcan. He wakes Phil up with his newspaper and gives Phil his coffee cup. They also appear at the bank at Central New York Station when they are taking out money, only to find themselves looked out after officials, who point their guns at them and put their hands out. Phil is told that if he has any poo, to fling it now.

Later, Mason calls Phil and translates what Phil is saying.

Mason also appears on the plane to , where he and Phil stay with the Penguins to fix their plane. He and Phil return to Skipper and the other penguins with more chimps in tow. Skipper tells mason that he could kiss him, to which the latter replies, "All right, but you're so darn ugly. He later kisses Skipper on the beak, much to Skipper's awkwardness and disgust.

He also appears in the third film.

TV series Edit

Phil and Mason play recurring roles in the series. Their major roles were in "Over Phil" and in "Eclipsed". In the former of the two, Phil and Mason get into a fight, causing Private to get the two of them back together. In "Eclipsed", they are tired of Julien trying to party with them Sunday morning and come out with a great idea to get Julien into believing that he must be kind.

Personality Edit

Mason is the direct opposite of Phil. While Phil is usually messy and temperamental, Mason is usually clean freak, having to clean up ever mess a person makes. He usually cleans up his friend's mess. Mason also shows having a classy characteristic and British accent. He usually helps Phil by cleaning his messes or also translating his

 Voice Edit

Mason is voiced by Conrad Vernon in all three films and the TV series, the Penguins of Madagascar.

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