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Nigel is Private's uncle and only known biological relative. Private's adoptive brothers find him utterly boring in his stories, as shown in "A Visit from Uncle Nigel". They also consider him incompetent until learning that he really is in truth, a spy as Private told them earlier. Private mentions his uncle once in "All King, No Kingdom", when Private tells Julien that his uncle Nigel, stated that the best boat to be on is a friendship. However, Julien took this too literally, thinking Priavate was saying they were better off with a boat.

Appearances Edit

  • "A Visit from Uncle Nigel"
  • "All King, No Kingdom" (mentioned only)

Trivia Edit

  • Before revealing himself as an agent, his nephew's adopted brothers always thought Nigel was a boring Englishman, but they changed their opinion when the Red Squirrel unmasked him.