Penguins of Madagascar is the film following Europe's Most Wanted. it follows the penguins as they fight against Dave to save and protect the penguins of the world.

Cast Edit

  • Tom McGrath as Skipper, leader of the Penguins and the oldest of the four brothers
  • Chris Miller as Kowalski,, the brains of the penguins and second oldest of the four
  • Conrad Vernon as Rico, their loose cannon penguin and the second youngest of hte brothers
  • Christopher Knights as Private, also youngest of the four penguins
  • John Malkovich as Dave
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Classified
  • Ken Jeong  as Short Fuse
  • Annet Mahendru  as Eva
  • Peter Stormare  as Corporal
  • Andy Richter  as Mort
  • Danny Jacobs  as King Julien
  • Sean Charmatz  as Cricket
  • Werner Herzog  as Documentary Filmmaker  
  • Stephen Kearin  as Pilot / Aquarium Employee  
  • Kelly Cooney  as Mermaid Penguin 
  • Susan Fitzer  as Antarctic Penguin 
  • Chris Sanders  as Antarctic Penguin 
  • Emily Nordwind  as Antarctic Penguin 
  • Mike Mitchell  as Antarctic Penguin 
  • Hope Levy  as Antarctic Penguin / Woman at Aquarium 
  • Walt Dohrn as Antarctic Penguin 
  • Jim Pirri as Gondolier 
  • Elizabeth Pan as Shanghai TV Reporter 
  • Jeff Fischer as Security System Voice 
  • Stephen Apostolina as Penguin Prisoner 
  • Al Rodrigoas as Penguin Fan 
  • Steve Alterman  as Aquarium Announcer 
  • Carter Hastings  as Boy at Aquarium 
  • Ava Acres  as Girl at Zoo 
  • Cullen McCarthy as Boy at Zoo 
  • Nicholas Guest as Flight Attendant 
  • Adriano Aragon as Angry Man 
  • Lynnanne Zager as Computer Voice
  • Billy Eichner as New York Reporter 
  • Angie Wu as Girl with Snow Globe