Phil is one of the main characters in Madagascar franchise and recurring characters on the Nickelodeon spin-off TV show, Penguins of Madagascar. Phil has no voice actor because his character is mute.

Role in the Madagascar franchiseEdit

Phil first appear in the zoo where Mason picks out garbage from their nearby trashcan and hands Phil his coffee before reading the news paper. They also appear at the bank at Central New York Station when they are taking out money, only to find themselves looked out after officials, who point their guns at them and put their hands out. Phil is told that if he has any poo, to fling it now. Later, Phil is called and reads the label on the Penguins' crate.

Phil also appear in the plane to get to New York. However, they find the plane in ruins and help the penguins fix the plane. Phillater recruit several "thumbs" for them. He and Mason then fight for their "maternity leave". Their photos are enough to blackmail Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Phil first appear in the movie being with the penguins in Monte Carlo and later own Circus Zorzorga. In Monte Carlo, the penguins and chimpanzees have been saving up their daily winnings from the casino to fly back to Africa and bring their friends home. Phil later helps the Penguins and the circus animals to rescuing their mammal friends, Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melmen from their imprisonment.

In the series Edit

Phil and Mason play recurring roles in the series. Their major roles were in "Over Phil" and in "Eclipsed". In the former of the two, Phil and Mason get into a fight, causing Private to get the two of them back together. In "Eclipsed", they are tired of Julien trying to party with them Sunday morning and come out with a great idea to get Julien into believing that he must be kind; however, they usually don't cause any mischief. Briefly, Phil had a fight with Mason, and they didn't make up until Mason saved his friend and cleaned up their habitat, thus allowing them to become friends again.


Phil has a lighter brown shade of fur in the TV series. However, in the films, he was the same color as Mason's. This was to tell them apart. Throughout the most part, Phil cannot speak and communicates through sign language. He is also more messy than Mason. There is evident that he is not hearing-impaired, when he uses two bananas to block his ears from Julien's obnoxious music.


  • In the TV series, Phil is a lighter color than Mason while in the film, they have the same color fur. (He probably got a color change by the animators to distinguish him and Mason apart.)
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