Not only are the Penguins an elite team force, but they are also their own family. A Family of brothers who have known each other since they were young children.

Members Edit

Skipper Edit

Skipper is the leader of the quartet, often giving out orders and his brothers always follow him, no matter what (except the time in "I Was a Zombie Penguin when they thought he was a zombie) . He is implied to be the oldest of them.Though he appears to be tough in front of his brothers, Skipper is actually only human, so to speak, as he fears things like all the others do. He also has a soft spot for Private.

Kowalski Edit

The options guy, also Skipper's right-hand man.

Rico Edit

The demolition expert, Rico cannot speak.

Private Edit

The rookie of the group, Private tries to find the good in anyone.

Other family members Edit

Uncle Nigel Edit

Uncle of Private and brother-in-law of Sam Fishy

Private has an uncle named Nigel, who is a secret agent. The older three brothers find him utterly annoying and boring until they all learn that he is actually what Private said he was.

Sam Fishy Edit

Sam Fishy is the father of Private (son), implied brother-in-law of Agent Nigel and husband of Mrs. Fishy. He is Private's biological father mentioned in "Operation Penguin". However he appears to have abandoned his son before he was even hatched as the movie shows Private an orphan